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San Michele

Undressed trees, silent reproach

of the cypresses: how many of those gone

seeking your shade, inside rain and the

sharp, brittle noise of gulls.

     Scrap-remnants they scrape up

from the surface of earth.

Poets princesses old aristocracy new nobility

of musicians and magicians of light –

your places of rest hallowed there by


   the pall of days and business-cards left under stones,

cell-phone numbers scrawled by Midwestern academics, an

entrepreneur from the Heights of Beverly Hills:

so Stravinsky will be able to call them there,

and confirm a commission from the other side of things:

more life than this one can summon from

skewed time-tables, tourism, the certain optics

of cable-TV.

Those who breathed-in the residue of stars:

sleep now in the balance

          fingers in the salt of light

      toes dipped in the lava of the belly beneath you:

what bridges – invisible, faithful – you throw out, still,

from your marzipan island

of sweet, solitary, stone.

Venice, April 2004 


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