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Around the Heart, Anti-Clockwise

bodies passing thick along hewn walls

                  revolving Gautama stupa       his bodhi/mind

their prostrations          law of reversed effort


                  graceful/clumsy           no separation

this whole thing a dance    –    Shiva limbs, Chenrezig arms  –

        w/- DUALITY

sadhus sitting naked             watchful under trees

         smoke bidi                                    avoid the temple

wait for nothing

there’s nothing to wait for


              choking on humid

                            desire for desirelessness

these latitudes non-tropic

              dispassionate fecundity bursts in

seed-brilliant pods of eyes       and stars          and mind

                                                                birthing in fallow Bihar plain

what went on here

500 years before the Cross

                  cow-splat         shady underside of fig-trees

same birds of light                   in these leaves

                     beggar-boy at the gates

waiting to be taken


Bodhgaya, India, January 2001

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Where We Are

Vortices of cars on hi-ways a perpetual motion that never arrives. The impatience queues in the fast-food joints. Pre-emptive lovers’ gasp seeking white-haze of release. The earth, with moon, who turns light-years describing her strange histories.

Everyplace you are

             holds the promise of being


             and each new arrival becomes somewhere

you never reach.  


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Late late-Capitalism

Homosapiens who swarm

            to the glare of the 7-11:

that’s where civilization

          burns            the brightest.

California, 2002

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