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Untold technology to short-circuit

‘mental fight’         even here.

“armies amassing”            (synaptic doubt)

you look again

ascertain asymmetry

of the real

between hand-held video

depth-of-field and

sheer lines of jagged high mountain

tumbled within a window frame            beyond.

perfectly quiet and clear afternoon at snow-line.

not far

they build fortifications on either side

of the Border


Young girl waits by village pump

plastic bucket in hand

radio music resonates

inside her questioning eyes

never yet seen car-bomb    town-square    carnage

of the Border


aged mother who

turns off TV    slow headshake

brings goats in from high pasture

the boys demonstrate wooden rifles

we fight for our country      our honour sir

protect the interests                    as anyone does

of the Border


Always that margin

neglected further edge

detested pull of the other

always that further place

for which we must keep vigil

must keep

there has to be a line somewhere

(in the dirt            washed by monsoon)

where children safely play          lives tethered

against this space

Mongol hordes Visigoths damn redskins

gypsies & cretins & supernumerary Jew     swept clean

to under-side            of the mind

keep em out         other side


stealth planes too fast to see      from both sides

of the Border.

Jammu Kashmir, 2001

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