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Novel, written 2018-19.

K the Interpreter is a narrative emerging from contemporary global fault-lines between the powerful and the dispossessed, and the concealed truths and open deceptions that sustain a fictional status quo. It tells the interwoven story of individuals negotiating these rifts in the real, seeking to maintain integrity, as well as existential security, against overbearing odds. Traversing East and West, obscurity and infamy, its crises converge in a conclusion that appears as inevitable as it is shocking.

K. the Interpreter is shortlisted for the Dorothy Hewett Award 2020, under the auspices of UWA Publishing (Director Dr. Terri-ann White) and the Copyright Agency. Warm congratulations to all short-listed writers: Angela Gardner, Caitlin Maling, Kylie Mirmohamadi, Robin Riedstra and Karen Wyld. For more on the shortlisted works, in poetry and fiction, see: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0542/4573/files/DHA20_Shortlist_Announcement.pdf?55

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