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In Cambodia the kids had never

heard of the Holocaust; in Thailand

they thought Hitler was a god. They

knew Drupal and di Caprio, the shopping-

malls with name-brand goods come  all

the way from China. Musselmen on boats

kept drowning, but iced poppies were still

bursting like bubbles of necrosis in the

high skies over the Golden Triangle.

Further south, and west, they had

their own pariahs, but the failed imperial

glories only proved the rise of the prophet

in his flawless canter through time. Space

was only a densely-peopled matter of time

as well, his promise a foregone conclusion.

Sweatshop illegals in the

hinterlands could fill in the blanks, if the

capital wasn’t forthcoming. To become

a state secret was not always a fate to

malign; look how many of them

had made history.

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