An Island Emissary

Short story, in Southerly Journal, Issue 79.1: 80! (published Dec. 7th online in The Long Paddock), at:




NS Island 2

Prose memoir, in Southerly Journal Issue 78.3: Violence (publ. in print May 2019; print edition not free to read online):


The first Buddhist precept prohibits the intentional, even sanctioned, taking of life. However, capital punishment remains legal, and even increasingly applied, in some culturally Buddhist polities and beyond them. The classical Buddhist norm of unconditional compassion as a counterforce to such punishment thus appears insufficient to oppose it. This paper engages classical Buddhist and Western argument for and against capital punishment, locating a Buddhist refutation of deterrent and Kantian retributivist grounds for it not only in Nāgārjunian appeals to compassion, but also the metaphysical and moral constitution of the agent of lethal crime, and thereby the object of its moral consequences.

In the Journal of Buddhist Ethics Vol. 26 (March, 2019):


Poem, in Southerly 78.1 Festschrift: David Brooks (print, Oct. 2018)

The Aid Worker

Short story published in Mascara Literary Review, Issue 22 (June, 2018):


Literary review published in Mascara Literary Review, Issue 22 (June, 2018): On Exile—Inner, and Outer: A Tibetan Odyssey in Coming Home to Tibet: a Memoir of Love, Loss, and Belonging by Tsering Wangmo Dhompa (Shambhala Boulder, 2016)


Literary review published in Mascara Literary Review, Issue 22 (June, 2018):